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These are my notes on getting a Plantronics Voyager 855 bluetooth headset and Buffalo USB Bluetooth 2.1 dongle working under hardened amd64 Gentoo Linux with Skype.

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God is a ruby based process monitor that has a reputation for leaking memory and hogging system resources. I have been considering replacing God with monit for some time. A couple of days ago I noticed a retweet by John Mettraux about a ruby debugging presentation by Aman Gupta. The presentation covers various debugging tools and gives a number of examples, including Eric Lindvall's work debugging the God process monitor (slide 41). Obviously I had to try it and the following is my experience.

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I spent the weekend switching the RAID1 array of 1TB Seagate® Barracuda® 7200.11 drives on my server with the newer 1TB Seagate® Barracuda® 7200.12 RAID1 array in my workstation. There was an LVM volume group called raid1 running on top of each raid array. I had some problems because I forgot to remove the raid superblock from the first drives before adding them into the new machine, which resulted in a duplicate raid1 volume group. The following is the process I used to transfer the drives and how I resulted the duplicate volume group problem.

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While on holidays in Australia I took a number of photo sequences to see if I could stitch them together into panoramic images. I used Hugins, which is a cross platform application, to stitch the photos together to produce images like the one bellow. Cropped Panoramic image

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These are photos taken with a low shutter speed while driving at night. I like them because they capture the passing of time without any distracting details.

low speed photos taken while driving by Edward Middleton low speed photos taken while driving by Edward Middleton

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Frédéric de Villamil committed my rails 2.3.3 patches to HEAD[1] last night. Frédéric had an interesting post[2] on there plans to re-factoring typo. The 2.3.3 patches have reduced the memory usage quite a lot. Once I have rebased this blogs varnish patches to the new HEAD I am going to look at getting typo running on ruby 1.9.1

1. http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/typo-list/2009-August/004922.html

2. http://blog.typosphere.org/news-from-a-summerish-typo.html

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Here are some photos I took when we visited the grandparents vegetable garden. Grandparent Garden Vegetables on the tool shed

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After looking at some of the cool features of rails 2.3.2 (like rack integeration) and its claimed compatibility with ruby 1.9.1 I decided to port typo blog 5.3.x from rails 2.2.2. This blog is running on the result of that effort.

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Here are some rather grainy B&W photos I took at the technical meeting and Nijikai. Michael Sullivan by Edward Middleton TLUG Nijikai by Edward Middleton

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I took some long exposure photos of firecrackers. The longest photos were 30 seconds and were taken at ISO100.
Long exposure photo of Hanabi by Edward Middleton Long exposure photo of Hanabi by Edward Middleton

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